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EC6-2-Unit-Pictorial-02-(13.10.23)254-widthNew Build

Candu employees have been building new reactors almost continuously for the past 30 years. We have the strongest project management delivery capability of any nuclear vendor in the world and have designed, built and delivered six CANDU 6 reactors to international customers in the last decade. All of these projects have been delivered on or ahead of schedule, and on budget. The depth of experience embedded in our technology and staff allows Candu unprecedented insights into the power, process, utility and electricity trading markets to provide consulting services in independent due diligence, engineering advisory services and project economic analyses.


Argentina currently has one CANDU 6 unit in operation at Embalse. Candu Energy has been in close discussion with both the Argentine government and state utility, Nucleoelectrica Argentina Sociedad Anonima (NA-SA), about the construction of a further CANDU unit. In order to support localization; the project model is expected to be primarily led by Argentina, with support from Candu Energy.


Candu Energy and SNC-Lavalin Nuclear engaged Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to prepare a “Nuclear Option” report for a twin Enhanced CANDU 6 (EC6) plant at Darlington in June 2012. The joint proposal was submitted in June 2013. OPG is the largest operator of CANDU units, including the Darlington and Pickering sites. In June 2013, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) completed a review of the third and final pre-licensing vendor design of Candu Energy’s Enhanced EC6 reactor and CNSC has concluded that the design has adequately addressed Canadian regulatory requirements and expectations.

In October 2013, the Ontario government announced a deferral of any new nuclear plants due to low energy demand. Candu Energy believes nuclear energy continues to be a valuable part of Ontario’s energy mix and is ready to build EC6 reactors when energy demand in the province increases.


China currently operates two CANDU 6 units at the Qinshan site, which are some of the best operating reactors in China. Building from this success, Candu Energy and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) are jointly developing the Advanced Fuel CANDU Reactor (AFCR), which can use recycled uranium (RU) and thorium, for future deployment to complement China’s growing fleet of light water reactors. In 2015, the Qinshan reactors will reach a major milestone when they convert to full-core recycled uranium in the form of Natural Uranium Equivalent (NUE) fuel.


Candu Energy is in on-going discussions with the Polish Utility, Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE), to present the CANDU option for their energy power needs moving forward.


Romania currently operates two CANDU 6 units. In 2011, the units ran at over 90% capacity, making them two of Europe’s top operating reactors. Candu Energy is currently discussing a project model and approach for the completion of Cernavoda units 3&4 with the Romanian state utility, Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. (SNN) and international investors.  

United Kingdom

Candu’s aim in the United Kingdom is to build safe, reliable and economic Enhanced CANDU 6® (EC6®) reactors as an integrated and focused solution to safely and efficiently manage the country’s plutonium stockpile. We are currently working with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) on this approach, which was submitted in response to their February 2012 call for alternative proposals. We appreciate that the UK is in the early stages of their policy development activities and are pleased to be involved in such important work.    


Life Extension

CANDU reactors can operate economically and reliably for up to 60 years. After about 30 years of operation, reactor core component replacement gives another 30 years. The project that allows for the reactors' continued operation is called life extension
Almost all utilities that operate CANDU reactors are actively planning on life extension.


In 2011, Argentine utility Nucleoelectrica Argentina Sociedad Anonima (NA-SA) signed a contract with Candu Energy to extend the life of their CANDU 6 reactor at Embalse. The retubing and refurbishment work will be completed by NA-SA, using technical support from Candu staff. Candu Energy will supply the tools, procedures and engineering to the project. 


In Ontario, Candu Energy is participating in the Life Extension project of the Darlington Station through the SNC-Lavalin/AECON joint venture. The next phase in the process includes an Environmental Assessment to define the scope of the refurbishment project.

Candu Energy is also in close discussions with Bruce Power and other project partners to develop an approach for the remaining Bruce Power units in the province.

Candu Services

Candu Services offers high-quality products and services to help clients achieve nuclear station success and offers unparalleled access to knowledge of CANDU technology, global experience and extensive project management expertise. Our large suite of advanced engineering tools is key to every project we undertake. Customer-driven innovations drive Candu’s ability to develop effective solutions to increase safety, optimize performance and extend station design life — helping to reduce operations and maintenance costs and improve capacity factors.