The CANDU Reactor

EC6 2-unit -October 30 2012 254x180 72dpi

Candu Energy’s EC6 reactor is a thermal reactor, which is capable of operating with MOX fuel, in line with current UK Government policy for lifecycle management of plutonium.


The EC6 reactor is flexible enough to use MOX fuels as well traditional natural uranium, recovered uranium and other advanced fuels such as thorium.

We believe the EC6 reactor is a safe, proven and economically competitive alternative for plutonium lifecycle management with technically superior performance when compared to other thermal reactor technologies. At present, there are 47 CANDU-type reactors operating around the world.

Already licensed on four continents, CANDU reactors are particularly resistant to loss of power/cooling events because of the large water inventories (both heavy and light water) located inside the reactor containment.

Nuclear-Future-Efficiency and Safety

CANDU technology is safe, proven, economic and operator friendly. Any EC6 reactors in the UK would be operated by UK staff, under the UK safety, environmental and licensing regulations.


CANDU fuel is low cost and reliable. CANDU fuel fabrication is being delivered across the globe and production has already been automated. We believe this approach could be used for CANMOX production.

CANDU technology is already proven for low enrichment nuclear fuels as CANMOX will be designed. We believe this advantage allows optimization of the CANMOX solution to meet the required safety and performance levels. The EC6 reactor can operate using CANMOX, traditional uranium or advanced fuels as required giving great commercial flexibility.



Environment and Security

The EC6 reactor is a technically robust, Generation-III thermal reactor, which we believe to be capable of efficiently dispositioning the UK plutonium stockpile into a safe and proliferation resistant form. The electricity produced during operation will be safe, reliable and competitive low carbon power for the UK consumer.