Jobs and Supply Chain




The CANDU reactor project would create 12,000 direct and supply chain jobs during construction, and a further 1,500 to 2,000 highly skilled full-time operational jobs in the UK. Implementation would deliver long-term, highly-skilled jobs in operations, engineering, maintenance and administration as well as a boost to the local economy in providing support services to the plants. The long-term nature of this project would provide job continuity and opportunities for local training and business development in supporting site operations in the logistics, manufacturing, maintenance and service sectors.

Candu Energy has been engaging with UK trade unions on the positive contribution that the CANMOX solution will make towards employment.

Supply Chain

Candu Energy will target 80% localization for the construction and supply chain of required facilities. Unlike other reactor types, Candu's EC6 reactor is not dependent on forgings or large components manufactured abroad. Candu has previously achieved 70% localization in significantly less sophisticated engineering environments than the UK. Candu Energy has long term relationships with a number of UK based suppliers who it works in partnership with across the globe. We have also been in discussions with the UK nuclear industry and wider supply chain to understand how the CANMOX project could most effectively use the abilities of the UK manufacturing industry.