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Candu Energy: Delivering Nuclear Power in Partnership with the UK


What does Candu Energy want to do in the UK?

The UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) are currently undertaking work on the future management of the UK’s separated plutonium stocks. The NDA confirmed in January 2014 that reuse remained the preferred option.

As part of this Candu Energy have been asked to develop their proposals for the reuse of the UK’s plutonium through Candu’s EC6 reactor. This would reprocess the UK’s 140 tonnes of plutonium as Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel, burning this fuel to generate electricity. Candu Energy has completed its work on assessing the commercial feasibility of its proposal and is working with the NDA and DECC to develop a safe, proven, reliable, licensable and competitive solution. In January 2014, the NDA named Candu’s solution as one of three ‘credible options’.


Delivering Nuclear Power in Partnership with the UK

Candu Energy is committed to developing nuclear new build in the UK. Candu’s CANMOX™ project is built on a proven record of delivery and a commitment to jobs and the UK supply chain:

  • Candu Energy has an unparalleled track record of on-budget and on-schedule nuclear build projects
  • Candu Energy is committed to an 80% UK localisation rate for the CANMOX project, has a proven record of using UK suppliers and has been working to develop relations with the UK supply chain
  • The CANMOX project will create 12,000 direct and supply chain jobs during construction, and a further 1,500–2,000 highly skilled full-time operational jobs in the north of England for the duration of the project
  • With electricity generation beginning from 2025 the CANMOX solution will deal with the UK’s  energy challenges providing low carbon and secure energy
  • There are clear economic, environmental and security benefits from dealing with the UK’s plutonium stockpile using CANDU technology


Who is Candu?

Candu Energy is a leading Canadian full-service nuclear technology company with 1,200 highly skilled employees providing nuclear power reactors and nuclear products and services to customers worldwide. A part of the SNC-Lavalin group, Candu Energy has a track record of delivery of nuclear projects across the globe. There are 47 CANDU or CANDU-type nuclear reactors operating around the world, from Canada to China. Each Candu operator makes or procures CANDU fuel locally.

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