Our Solution for the UK

Solving the UK's Plutonium ChallengeCandu-Fuel-Cycle-diagram-CANMOX-SNC-Col-400w

  • The UK holds a stockpile of plutonium from the reprocessing of spent fuel from earlier generations of UK civil reactors. The UK government’s preferred lifecycle management solution is to convert this material into MOX fuel to generate electricity in thermal reactors
  • The NDA confirmed in January 2014 that reuse remains the preferred option and that the CANMOX solution was one of three preferred solutions that it would carry forward
  • Candu is proposing a CANMOX solution that would reuse the existing plutonium, depleted uranium and recovered uranium to generate up to 3GW of reliable, low carbon power for sale to UK customers for up to 60 years
  • Candu has completed its work on assessing the commercial feasibility of its proposal and is further working cooperatively with NDA to examine the deliverability of this safe, proven, licensable and competitive solution
  • Candu can deliver rapid plutonium disposition thus delivering on the UK’s nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation objectives

 More information can be found here about the Government’s approach to plutonium management.