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Our Lines of Business

Life Extension

CANDU reactors are designed to operate economically and reliably for up to 60 years, with an extended outage at mid-life to replace fuel channels. Often called retubing, a life extension outage also allows operators to refurbish other key reactor components. Remotely controlled tools and massive, highly shielded machines are required to conduct the work safely inside the reactor due to the radioactive environment.

Candu Services

Candu Services offers high-quality products and services to help clients achieve nuclear station success and offers unparalleled access to knowledge of CANDU technology, global experience and extensive project management expertise. Our large suite of advanced engineering tools is key to every project we undertake. Customer-driven innovations drive Candu’s ability to develop effective solutions to increase safety, optimize performance and extend station design life — helping to reduce operations and maintenance costs and improve capacity factors.

New Build

Backed by a supply chain represented by the Organization of CANDU Industries, Candu employees have been building reactors almost continuously for the past 30 years. Candu has the strongest core delivery capability of any nuclear vendor in the world. Having designed, built and delivered six CANDU reactors to international customers in thEC6-Reactor-Assembly-(13.09.27)-(No-Labels)-250-widthe past decade — all on or ahead of schedule and on budget — Candu has a track record unmatched by any other nuclear vendor.

CANDU reactors have achieved international acclaim for providing safe, economical and reliable energy production. There are 48 heavy water reactors in operation, under construction, or under life extension, all based on the CANDU design. Candu is building on this success with the CANDU 6 and Enhanced CANDU 6 reactors.