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Safety Analysis and Licensing Support

safety_analysis-licensing_179x245CANDU reactors have achieved world-wide recognition for their safe operation. Candu works on an ongoing basis with customers to help further enhance plant safety and performance. We work closely with utility staff to analyze plant performance, ensure regulatory requirements are met and to ensure that our utility customers have the support they need with their interactions with nuclear regulators.

Our services include: 

  • safety and licensing assessments/analysis to support operations and/or regulatory needs. These typically apply Candu’s suite of safety codes in the thermalhydraulics, fuel, physics and other related disciplines (e.g. RFSP, CATHENA, ADDAM, GOTHIC, ELOCA)
  • development or enhancement of methodologies to undertake safety assessments for anticipated operating transients as well as postulated accident conditions
  • probabilistic safety analysis (PSA) development, reliability analyses (e.g. event tree and fault tree) event sequence development, benefit-cost analysis (BCA) and risk monitor applying related codes (CAFTA Suite, EOOS and RiskSpectrum)
  • severe accident analysis evaluations for Level 2 PSA applications and design assist using the MAAP4-CANDU code
  • severe accident management guideline (SAMG) development in support of operating plants
  • preparation and support of domestic and international licensing submissions