Plant Computers

plant_computers_188x139Candu supplies computer systems and expertise for nuclear plant applications, working with utility customers to develop optimal solutions for the safe and reliable operation of their plants.

Candu was the first major vendor to implement digital control systems for nuclear reactors. Other technological firsts include the use of digital technology for safety shutdown systems. We have proven expertise in the development, verification and validation of computer software for safety-critical and safety-related applications.

Our plant computer solutions include:

  • improving and maintaining existing systems
  • safety assessment and categorization of software and associated hardware in accordance with internationally recognized standards
  • design of safety and control computer hardware including legacy digital control computers (DCC), state-of-the-art distributed control systems (DCS), plant display systems (PDS) and safety plant display systems (SPDS)
  • software design, verification and validation of safety, control and display computer systems software meeting the required quality from the highest safety integrity levels to best commercial
  • obsolescence management – design and produce equivalent replacements for components no longer available from original suppliers (e.g. interface cards, replacement control computer display systems and DCC Scanners)
  • design advanced control centre information and display systems including advanced alarm management (Computerized Alarm Message List Systems – CAMLS)
  • Provide specialized Human Factors Engineering that covers the plant life cycle including planning, functional and task analysis, verifications and validation, and integrated safety reviews