Environmental Qualifications

butterfly_254x180Candu offers environmental qualification (EQ) assessment and testing services to CANDU and other utilities. Environmental qualifications in nuclear plants provides assurance that safety-related equipment will perform in the harsh environments postulated for design basis accidents.

Equipment is tested to specified bounding conditions of temperature, pressure, humidity, and radiation with a strong focus on maximizing equipment performance. Environmental qualifications data can be directly applied to plant life assurance and life cycle management programs.

Our highly qualified team can:

  • identify equipment requiring EQ qualification and definition of the requirements
  • work with established and qualified testing facilities to test materials and equipment in the high temperature/pressure/radiation/humidity environments that may occur in nuclear stations
  • provide materials selection expertise
  • provide design advice to extend equipment service-life
  • implement material control programs and “fingerprint” polymers
  • develop databases and certify EQ equipment, instrumentation and cabling
  • provide in-plant monitoring services (e.g. in-situ cable monitoring) to confirm EQ requirements and equipment operability