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Electrical, Control and Instrumentation

ECI_251x162Candu provides a full range of electrical, control and instrumentation solutions to assist utilities with reactor control design, commissioning and operation. 

Our highly qualified and extensively trained team can:

  • design special safety systems to meet single failure criteria, high availability requirements, applicable code, standards and regulatory requirements
  • design control loops using analog and digital devices as applicable including control system static and dynamic analysis/troubleshooting/improvements
  • provide design, specification and procurement of systems and components including:
  • programmable logic controllers, stand-alone controllers, analytical instruments, alarm units, field instruments and panel mounted instruments, etc. 
  • instrument cabinets, control room panels, alarm annunciators, computerized safety parameter display systems and visual display units, etc.
  • gaseous and liquid effluent monitors, radiation monitors, stack monitors, etc.
  • plant communications systems such as telephones, public address, maintenance etc.
  • reactor startup instrumentation
  • nucleonic instrumentation such as flux detectors, ion and fission chambers, etc.
  • containment leakage monitoring instrumentation
  • equipment control and monitoring including vibration, pressure, temperature, etc.
  • provide electrical system design to ensure reliable plant operation under all operating conditions including grounding and lightning protection, lighting, layout, schematics and detailed Electrical wiring and cabling using Candu (IntEC) database or client databases
  • perform electrical power analysis using established codes such as EDSA and ETAP to perform load flow and short circuit studies, arcflash studies, harmonic analysis and establish protective relay settings.
  • specify and procure various electrical equipment including switchgear, MCCs, transformers, diesel generators, UPS, batteries, cables and containment penetrations for cables
  • perform failure mode and effects analysis as well as hazards and operability analysis
  • manage obsolescence including design and procurement of equivalent replacements for instruments and components that are no longer available from original suppliers