Design Drafting

As a technology leader in design drafting, Candu provides vital design and maintenance support to CANDU utilities. Key to this support are state-of-the-art, integrated electronic engineering tools, including 3D Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) systems. Our specialized 3D CADD tools allow utilities to plan maintenance that is optimized for cost and manpower. Staff can be trained in a radiation-free environment through the use of animation, providing step-by-step visualization in limited-access situations and complex physical settings. 

The following are some of the tools employed to support operating stations and new designs:

  • 2D Microstation and AutoCAD
  • 3D SmartPlant Plant Design System Modelling with P&ID  
  • 3D Tekla Concrete and Structural Modeling.
  • 3D Solid Edge Solid Mechanical Modelling System
  • CANDU Material Management System (CMMS) – to generate Bills of Material
  • IntEC, an in-house developed product used to record and track signals, equipment data, cable and wiring design, installation and commissioning