Civil Engineering

civil_engineering_188x139Candu has one of the largest civil engineering groups in the industry, offering a wide range of services and expertise. Our highly qualified engineers and designers have experience carrying out new-build projects and modifying existing structures and buildings for refurbishment. The civil engineering group is organized into design and analysis areas covering:

  • conceptual and detailed design of steel, concrete and masonry structures
  • design of radioactive waste storage structures 
  • finite element analysis of civil structures
  • seismic analysis and walk-downs
  • seismic margin assessment including fragility analysis of civil structures and equipment
  • beyond design basis seismic evaluation
  • drop analysis of steel containers/impact on concrete surface
  • site modifications
  • civil tendering packages
  • technical evaluations
  • loading assessment by analyses, and test
  • loading analysis and determination against all kinds of hazards related to nuclear safety
  • condition and life assessments of civil structures rehabilitation and repair of civil structures