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Commitment to Safety

Employee Health & Safety Policy

We care about the health and safety of our employees, of those who work under our care, and of the people our projects serve.

Our priority is to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Prevention of dangerous or hazardous situations and appropriate proactive strategies to positively impact and continuously improve all aspects of health and safety, are considered fundamental in everything we do.

We comply with applicable health and safety laws, requirements, and recognized standards and guidelines appropriate to our activities to protect our employees, contractors, visitors, physical assets and the public.

We achieve nuclear safety by providing proper operating conditions, preventing accidents and providing for mitigation of accident consequences. In doing so we adhere to the principle of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) to minimize radiological impacts on workers, the

public and the environment.

We strive to be recognized globally by our clients, peers and stakeholders as innovators and leaders in health and safety. Candu is committed to making every reasonable effort to eliminate or control hazards that may cause workplace incidents by integrating appropriate health and safety requirements into all phases of our business activities including product development, project planning, project implementation, operations

and decommissioning.

All employees have the personal responsibility to protect their own health and safety, that of their fellow employees and that of the public. All employees must learn and comply with the safey rules applicable to the proper discharge of their employment responsibilities.

Working safely is a condition of employment, and employee participation is considered fundamental to our success.